Efeketivitas Pelayanan Di Stasiun Kereta Api Kertosono Kabupaten Nganjuk

Khoirun Nissak


: Effectiveness of Care at Railway Station Kertosono Nganjuk. Background PT Indonesian Railways (Limited) as sole administrators rail freight services in Indonesia are more focused in providing urban transport services are increasingly complex and aims to focus more on serving the transportation needs masyaraka, this study aims to measure the effectiveness of the service at the train station Kertosono district nganjuk. In this study, researchers will use two types of data, namely primary data and secondary data, while data sources are expected to support the information required in this study there are two informants and documents. Techniques or ways in which researchers in finding and obtaining data. With the increasing realization that it can be concluded that the train service users is also increasing. Thus the station more attention to existing facilities distasiun to provide the best possible service to the public as a means of supporting factor services. So it can be concluded that the system of the service provided less emaksimal Kertosono station and equally effective so mengahambat system of care provided to kosnumen.




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