Pre-Service Teachers' Experiences During Off-Campus Observation: Basis for Improving the Roles of Teacher Education Institutions and Cooperating Schools

Maripaz C. Abas
Journal article Journal of Education and Learning • May 2016


Observing experienced teachers is an indispensable part of practicum studies in teacher education. This paper examined the perceptions of pre-service teachers from five major fields of teacher education program on their experiences during off-campus observation in selected secondary schools. This used qualitative content analysis method in order to “subjectively interpret the content of text data through the systematic classification process of coding and identifying themes or patterns” (Hsieh & Shanon, 2005 p. 1278) . Data were taken from 136 pre-service teachers through open-ended questions and two high school principals, 10 cooperating teachers, six student supervisors and 12 pre-service teachers through Focus Group Interview (FGI) and Key Informant Interview (KII). Codes and emerging themes were derived using content analysis. Results showed 18 themes for desirable experiences and 24 themes for undesirable experiences. Pre-service teachers' experiences mostly focused on students' attitudes and behaviors. Suggestions to improve off-campus observation from multi-level participants of the study concentrated on preparedness, orientation programs, supervision and monitoring, personal attributes and roles, values, attitudes and behaviors, deployment, post conferences, supervisory plan, observation policies and guidelines, required documents, seminars, time management, evaluation, coordination, and cultural diversity. To sustain the desirable experiences, both cooperating teachers and student supervisors believed that their roles were to serve as model, guide, leader, monitor, planner, and motivator. The varied experiences of pre-service teachers imply that Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs) and cooperating schools should provide opportunities, develop competencies, take responsibilities and strengthen partnership to enhance off-campus observation.




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