Partisipasi Masyarakat Dalam Rehabilitasi Hutan Mangrove (Studi Tentang Peran Pemerintah Dalam Meningkatkan Partisipasi Masyarakat Untuk Rehabilitasi Hutan Mangrove Di Badan Lingkungan Hidup Kota Probolinggo)

Dian Kurnia Pribadiningtyas


: Society Participation Towards the Rehabilitation of Mangrove (Study about Government Roles to Improving the Society Participation for Mangrove Forest Rehabilitation in Environmental Agent at Probolinggo City). Mangrove forests in Probolinggo City are increasingly degraded and damaged because of the construction and activities of the local community. The Government of Probolinggo through the Environmental Agent rehabilitates the mangrove forest based on the society participation. The focus of this research are 1) to know the role of Probolinggo Government in improving society participation in conserving mangrove forests, 2) to know the results achieved in the implementation of efforts to preserve mangrove forests 3) to know the supporters and restricting factors in increasing the participation of the community in the rehabilitation of mangrove forests. The results of this research were to increase community participation through some strategies that build community participation, do nursery and infrastructure development. BLH Probolinggo had acted properly by running its role as a modernists, regulator, catalysts, stabilizers, dinamisator and as a pioneer. The results obtained in the implementation of rehabilitation were the positive impacts for the participation of the community, the livelihood of fishermen and the conservation of mangrove forests.




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