Evaluasi Pelaksanaan Program Penanggulangan Kemiskinan Jalin Kesra Sebagai Upaya Mendukung Pencapaian Target MDG's Di Provinsi Jawa Timur (Studi Pada Crisis Center Pendampingan Provinsi Jawa Timur)

Auliya Husna


: Poverty Alleviation Program of Other Way to People Welfare (Jalin Kesra–Jalan Lain Menuju Kesejahteraan Rakyat) is a program sponsored by Governor East Java. This program represents a poverty alleviation concept by name, by address and by character. Poverty Alleviation Program of Other Way to People Welfare is a contribution of the Government of East Java Province to support MDG's (Millenium Development Goals) program. It is planned to reduce the percentage of the poor population into a half by 2015. It has been specifically written in the first goal of MDG's, which is to cope against poverty and hunger. The objective of the research is to understand, to describe, and to evaluate the implementation of Jalin Kesra Program. Research method is descriptive study with qualitative approach. Result of the research indicates that Jalin Kesra Program has given national contribution to the effort of reducing poverty rate in East Java as the effort to support the achievement of main goal of MDG's.




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