Internalisasi Nilai-nilai Budaya Gorontalo “Rukuno Lo Taaliya” Dalam Penetapan Harga Jual Pada Pedagang Tradisional Di Kota Gorontalo

Fitria Anwar • Tri Handayani Amaliah • Sahmin Noholo
Journal article Jurnal Akuntansi dan Auditing • 2015 Indonesia


The aim of this study was to describe how to determined traditional selling price based on Gorontalo's culture value, Rukuno Lo Taaliya. This study was a qualitative research by using ethnometodology approach. The results of this study indicated that in setting the selling price based on “Rukuno Lo Taaliya” embodied some value such as honesty, mutual help, sincerity, trust and deep affection. These values reflected gratefulnees to God as part of the worship and shadaqah. Selling price was not strictly formed by the things relating money but also reflected the common value which is believed by the cultural society.




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