Wacana Islam Dan Negara Era Pra-Kemerdekaan: Pergulatan Ideologis Kelompok Islam Dan Nasionalis Sekuler

Anjar Nugroho
Journal article Jurnal Afkaruna • December 2013


This article examines the debates between the Islamic group and secular nationalist group during pre Independence era on the the relationship between Islam and the state. The major factors stimulating the conflicts in conceiving the relationship between Islam and the state among Indonesian politicians was not about the disparity of the level of religiosity. Instead, it signifies the faiule of the political elites in reconciling different political views among Indoensians, as if Islam and nationalism are different and conflicting concepts. This article, therefore, discusses the ideas proposed by these two competing groups, Islamist and nationalist, and their ideological inclination. In particular, this article sees to what extent the Islamic group contributed to the state formation after Independence era.




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