Kinerja Aparat Pemerintah Dalam Rangka Otonomi Desa (Studi Pada Gulun, Kecamatan Maospati, Kabupaten Magetan)

Linda Muchacha Paramitha


: Village Government Apparatus Performance In The Village Local Autonomy The need of reliable apparatus resources to face the village institutional change is supported by internal factors but also external. The internal factors because the village should has certain skills and knowledge suchas making village regulation together with village discussion forum,managing village finance, and etc. The villagers demand for the satisfied services is something that should be responded. The results that can be conclused from the research is village government in the discipline of village apparatus is less discipline. Then the spirit is look good, but the good spirit is not balanced with good discipline. In finishing the task they are good in the process, and in decision making for the Village Budget (RAPBD), and the selection of village institution is refer to the prevailing regulation. The village government performance in the village autonomy about infrastructure is less good, but the health services have run well, and the allocation for village fund (ADD) also good for the vilalge development.




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