Gaya Kepemimpinan Kepala Sekolah Dalam Meningkatkan Kinerja Guru Pada Sdn 7 Muara Dua Lhoksuemawe

Zuryati Zuryati • Djailani Ar • Nasir Usman


: Style principals strongly influence the behavior of subordinates, but if subordinate behavior may not necessarily be able to influence the behavior of their superiors. Principal's leadership style is a consistent pattern of behavior shown by the leader and the other party known as a leader trying to influence the activities of others. The purpose of the study to determine the leadership style of the principal, including: (1) Discipline; (2) Commitment; (3) Ability and (4) The responsibility of the teacher. Qualitative approach with descriptive methods, data collection techniques performed with interview guides, observation, and study documentation. Subjects were principals, teachers and supervisors in SD Negeri 7 Muara Dua Lhoksuemawe. The results of the study found: (1) the principal's style of leadership in promoting the discipline of teachers, is a style of informing (telling), in addition to telling style, principals also apply situational style; (2) the principal's leadership style in improving teacher commitment is selling styles (consultative) by directing the teacher to complete the task; (3) the principal's leadership style to improve the ability of teachers, namely the implementation of a participative style during an internal meeting board of teachers and other meetings; and (4) the principal's style of leadership in improving the teacher's responsibility, is to force the sharing discretionary authority to the members of the organization to carry out the task. Expected to supervisors and principals in order to give impetus and direction in the performance of discipline, commitment, ability and responsibility of teachers to effectively and efficiently to improve the performance of teachers in schools.




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