Evaluasi Implementasi KUPS Pada Tingkat Peternak Di Jawa Barat : Studi Kasus KPSBU Lembang

Gandhi Pawitan • Maria Widyarini • Gerry Oktavia
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Bisnis Unpar • 2014 Indonesia


To achieve self-sufficiency in the supply of meat and milk, the Ministry of Agriculturehas issued Peraturan Menteri Pertanian Nomor : 40/Permentan/PD.400/9/2009,about implementation guideline of the KREDIT USAHA PEMBIBITAN SAPI(KUPS). This study aims to gain a complete understanding of the implementationKUPS at the farmer level. It was conducted an exploration phase about adistribution and use of the KUPS. KUPS distribution will include mechanisms andprocedures, but the use of KUPS includes the aspects of benefit for their business.An exploration phase was carried out in KPSBU Lembang (Koperasi Peternak SapiBandung Utara). KPSBU Lembang is a primary cooperative in the district Lembangwhich has members including dairy farmers with a working area of North Bandung.KUPS programs created by the government as one of the government's support inpromoting cattle farmers in West Java has not been able to apply to the fullest.Operational level studies showed that cattle breeders breeders generally do notaccess KUPS. Common constraint is the lack of socialization of the Government orof the organizers bank.




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