Kepemimpinan Kepala Sekolah Dalam Meningkatkan Kinerja Guru Di Mtsn Rukoh Banda Aceh

Khairuddin., Ahmad Jakaria, Cut Zahri Harun
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Pendidikan Program Pascasarjana Unsyiah • November 2016 Indonesia


: Leadership Principal is a manager who mengorganizir using prinsif " Team Work " , which was entrusted to lead the institution , all the resources of the school to influence , motivate workers, encourage , organize , mobilize and drive to achieve school goals . Leadership is one aspect of determining a discipline . The ability of teachers to improve discipline in performing their duties mainly influenced by the style of school leadership . This study aims to find a clear picture of : ( 1 ) The work program MTsN Rukoh principals in improving teacher performance motivation ,(2) Implementation of the program MTsN Rukoh principals in motivating teachers to implement effective learning , (3) How MTsN Rukoh principals to evaluate teachers' work program . This study uses descriptive and qualitative approach . Data collected through the guidelines for observation , interview , and documentation . Subjects in this study were principals and teachers MTsN Rukoh Banda Aceh.Teknik data analysis in this study by using data reduction ,data display and draw conclusions . The results of this study indicate that : ( 1 ) leadership principals MTsN Rukoh Banda Aceh in improving teachers' commitment through regular activities in accordance with the empowerment of the field ( 2 ) principals MTsN Rukoh Banda Aceh using a democratic style , and the efforts made by the school head can be seen with their teachers prepare a work plan , implement KKG , supervision / classroom visits , helping to propose promotions , rewards , and pay attention to the needs of teachers . ( 3 ) the principal MTsN Rukoh Banda Aceh have a bottleneck in improving the discipline of school teachers . This is commonly seen with the work ethic of teachers who are still weak , different educational backgrounds , so the lack of control of orderly administration , teachers and the administration both class administration




Jurnal Administrasi Pendidikan Program Pascasarjana Unsyiah

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