Kemitraan Masyarakat Peternak Sapi Perah Dengan KUD "BATU" Dalam Meningkatkan Ekonomi Masyarakat Peternak Sapi Perah

Kartika Tribuana Dewi


: The Partnership of Dairy Cow Breeders at KUD “BATU” to Improve The Economic of Dairy Cow Breeders. The partnership is between public and private. Public sector is represented by breeder community, while the private is cooperative. Both develop mutual cooperation to increase the quality of milk purchase and to improve the economic of dairy cow breeders. The community is producer of milk, and the milk is processed by the cooperative by determining milk standard before further processing at third party, which is Nestle milk factory. Result of research indicates that the partnership is successful because the partnership is benefiting the community and KUD “BATU”. The community can stabilize their economic, improve their education degree and develop their houses and roads. Moreover, KUD “BATU” can increase the population of dairy cow, improve milk production, and invite additional investment to improve the service to breeders. There are factors constraining and supporting the economic of dairy cow breeders. The constraining factors include relatively traditional livestock management, the difficulty of feeding during dry season, and lack of awareness among breeders about the importance of stall cleanliness because of the less empowered human resource of breeders.




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