Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Di Bidang Usaha Ekonomi (Studi Pada Badan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Kota Mojokerto)

Dwi Pratiwi Kurniawati


: Society Empowerment in Economic Sector. This research based on Society Empowerment Service Mojokerto City has highly influent to change thinking up at more progress. As for Society Empowerment Service Mojokerto's has sought to empowering poor society by providing assistance to low-income communities. Programs that have been implemented in the field of economic enterprises especially in the sub-field of economic and community development assistance, along with the impact of the empowerment program for the poor economic independence are expected to improve the welfare of the community. This research use description method with qualitative approach. The result of this research shows that programs have been implemented by Society Empowerment Service Mojokerto's especially on Economic Sector include individual assistance and association assistance. So, that was need a good work between the society and government. The program has increased the economical ability, especially in productivity and percapita income. The recommendation give from this research are Society Empowerment Service should work optimally and professionally as a coordinator and facilitator for the society to have a better life. They should pay a lot of attention in target, and do it constantly. Increase the interaction with society, giving more intensity to monitoring them.




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