Pelaksanaan Tata Kelola Keuangan Dprd Dalam Perspektif Kepemerintahan Yang Baik (Studi Kasus Pada Sekretariat DPRD Kabupaten Lombok Barat)

Nidya Putri Syahida


: Implementation of the financial management Parlements of the good governance perspective. Due to weak financial governance of parlements implementation which do not meet the elements of good Governence, the values of accountability, transparent, efficient, and effective, as well as abiding by the rules of law. the research aims to describe and analyze the 1) the implementation of parlements financial in the perspective of good Governence 2) describes and analyzes the factors that become supporters and restricting financial implementation of parlements in the perspective of good Governence. The financial governance covers several stages of the planning phase, stage, stage, stage of administering accountability and monitoring stages. This research uses qualitative descriptive method developed by straus and corbin through three phases namely open cording, axial coding, and selective coding. The results of this research is to 1) the planning stages have not been based on the value of good Governence 2) stage of implementation ignores the value of effective and efficient 3) stage of administering have implemented value accountability, but have yet to apply transparency accountability has not been Phases 4) applying accountability 5) stage of scrutiny has been based on the rules that apply. Factors supporting the financial governance include: 1) the harmonious Relationship among the actors head of authority with the segwey in determining financial parlements. While the factors restricting financial governance are: 1) Has a less competent human resources in the financial governance of parlements. 2) lacking the facilities to support the Finance of parlements.




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