Studi Evaluasi Efektivitas Pelaksanaan Praktik Pengalaman Lapangan (PPL) Mahasiswa Fakultas Pendidikan Olahraga Dan Kesehatan (FPOK) IKIP PGRI Bali Tahun 2012

Ni Wyn Widi Astuti • I. G. A. Suhandana • Nyoman Dantes
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Pendidikan UNDIKSHA • 2013 Indonesia


This study aims to determine the effectiveness of the implementation of the Practice Experience PPL Students of FPOK IKIP PGRI Bali 2012 seen from the variable context, input, process and product, as well as the constraints encountered in implementation. Research conducted including quantitative evaluative research, which shows the procedure and process of program implementation. This study analyzes the effectiveness of the program with CIPP model. Number of members of the sample of 76 sampling techniques (sampling techniques) used was purposive sampling consisting of 55 students, 10 lecturers and 11 tutors teachers. Research subjects are determined by purposive random sampling technique samples. Data was collected by questionnaires. Data were analyzed with descriptive analysis. To determine the effectiveness of the program, raw scores were transformed into T-scores were then verified in a prototype Glickman. The analysis found that the effectiveness of the implementation of the FPOK PPL's Students of IKIP PGRI Bali in 2012 is that affectivelly categories, by the context, input, process and results variable with the results (+ + + +). Although the category is ready, but in general there are obstacles encountered in the implementation of the student's PPL are facilities and infrastructure.The research findings saw it can be concluded that the effectiveness of the implementation of the FPOK's PPL Students of IKIP PGRI Bali in 2012 belong to the category of effectively. It is Propose to: (1) reinforce the regulations / rules of the program, (2) improving human resources, infrastructure (3) lesson plans made ​​carefully.




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