Profil Tokoh Utama Dalam Novel Aku Bukan Budak Karya Astina Triutami: Sebuah Telaah Dinamika Kepribadian

Rina Br Simanjorang • Nurizzati Nurizzati • Muhammad Ismail Nasution
Journal article Jurnal Bahasa dan Sastra UNP • 2012


Purpose of this study is describe and analyze the dynamics of personality contained within the novel Aku Bukan Budak work Astina Triutami. The data of this study is prominent personalities including traced by the elements characterizations. The data source of this research is novel Aku Bukan Budak work Astina Triutami published by Libri Publishing in 2011. Data collected by reading the novel while marking related elements and invetarisasi data with the data format. The study's findings are Astina character has a strong personality, smiling, friendly, helpful, even stubborn. Personality conflicts experienced in the form of (1) voltage (behavior that consciously or unconsciously), (2) needs (or physical affection), (3) anxiety (anxiety or fear that something will happen, (4) energytransformations (behavior that is open or closed).




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