Teachers Pedagogical Competence in School-Based Management: Case Study in a Public Secondary School

Syahruddin Syahruddin • Andi Ernawati • Muhammad Natsir Ede • Mohd Anuar B. Abdul Rahman • Ahmad Johari Sihes 1 more
Journal article Journal of Education and Learning • November 2013 Indonesia


The extent of the role of teachers' pedagogical competence on the practice of school-based management (SBM) was explored in this study. Interviews have been conducted in order to collect the qualitative data from the participant in Pare-Pare, South Celebes, Indonesia. It was discovered that the teachers' pedagogical competence has not been developed as it was expected. Accordingly, it was reported that teachers' creativity was limited by the domination of the governments interference. It is suggested that in order to improve the quality of SBM, teachers' continuing professional development is highly required.




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