Determinasi Etos Kerja, Motivasi Berprestasi, Dan Kreativitas Terhadap Kinerja Guru Di SMP Negeri Sekecamatan Sukawati

Ni Wy Ariyathi Dhiatmika • Nyoman Dantes • Made Yudana
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Pendidikan UNDIKSHA • 2013


The aim of the study was to discover determination of work ethos, achievement motivation and creativity welfare towards their performance. The sudy was conducted at all the SMPN around the are of Sukawati district. It involved about 138 teachers as the population, while the samples were drawn based on proporsional randomsampling technique. The number of sample was determined based on the table of Robert V.Krejcie and Daryle W Morgan with 95% if significant level to result 120 persons. The result of this study showed that: first, there was a significant determination between teacher's work ethos (X1) towards their performance (Y) was 35,30%, Second there was a significant determination between teacher's achievement motivation (X2) towards their performance (Y) was 24,80%. Third there was a significant determination between teacher's creativity (X1) towards their performance (Y) was 25,90%. Fourth, there was as simultaneous determination of ethos in work, achievement motivation, and creativity to performance by regression linear Y = 8,149 + 0,380X1 + 0,254X2 + 0,322X3 with determination correlation was 53,10%. The implication was that the teachears ethos in work, achievement motivation and creativity their welfare should be kept improving in order to improve their performance in particular at the SMP Negeri in Sukawati District.




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