Evaluasi Dan Identifikasi Marka Penanda Gen Ketahanan Penyakit Hawar Daun Bakteri Pada Padi Lokal Sulawesi Selatan

Siti Yuriyah • Siti Nurani • Dwinita W. Utami • Tiur S. Silitonga
Journal article Jurnal AgroBiogen • June 2016 Indonesia


One of the limiting factors on rice production, especially in South Sulawesi, is the bacterial leaf blight (BLB) disease infection caused by Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae (Xoo). The use of resistant variety is considered as the most effective method to control Xoo. Local cultivar could serve as resistance source for Xoo resistance. The objectives of this research were to evaluate and identify markers for Xoo resistance in rice local cultivars from South Sulawesi based on comparison with the resistance response of the differential varieties and association analysis between resistance phenotype and genotype of molecular markers. Three Xoo races (race III, IV, and VIII) were tested on IRBB differential lines and local cultivars. The genotype analysis was done by using the molecular marker linked to Xoo resistance. Meanwhile, the association analysis was done by combination analysis (U-joint) using generalized linear model (GLM). The resistance test result showed that single gene isogenic lines (IRBB 5, IRBB 7, and IRBB 21), multiple genes isogenic lines (IRBB 50, IRBB 52, IRBB 53, IRBB 54, IRBB 56, IRBB 58, IRBB 64, and IRBB 66), and Ase Andele accession were resistant to the three Xoo races. Association test obtained one significant marker that associated with the resistance to race III (marker Xa26-STS2), four markers significantly associated with the resistance to race IV (Xa1-STS15, Xa4-STS44, xa13-STS51, and Xa21-STS6), and two markers significantly associated with the resistance to race VIII (Xa7-STS57 and RM 20589).




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