Pelaksanaan Pembangunan Sarana Prasarana Lingkungan Sebagai Wujud Program Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Di Kelurahan Dinoyo Kota Malang

Asteryna Anandita


: Implementation of Environmental Infrastructure Development as a Form of Community Empowerment Program in Kelurahan Dinoyo Malang. Population growth in Indonesia, especially in Java have a very significant improvement but it is not balanced by adequate environmental infrastructure. Saw a very high population growth, Malang City Government to create a programme that aims to improve the environment, enchance citizen enpowerment, residential communities, and foster a sense of responsibility as well as improving public participation by forming Community Empowerment Program . the purpose of this research is to know the prpcess of the construction of environmental infrastructure, know the results that have been achieved from the construction of environmental infrastructure, as well as knowing the factors supporting and restricting the execution of Community Empowerment Program in Kelurahan Dinoyo . This research uses descriptive qualitative research metodhs. In conclusion, of the overall program that was implemented in the neighborhood of Dinoyo look indicates success. Residents are excited to participate in development and they want a sustainable development for the future years.




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