Manajemen Guru Bimbingan Dan Konseling Di SMPN 1 Bandar Baru Kabupaten Pidie Jaya

Bahrun., Nur Asiah, Murniati


: Management guidance and counseling teacher is an important factor in the effort to realize the quality of educational institutions. Management guidance and counseling will be able to provide effective guidance services. This study aims to describe the program, implementation, evaluation, guidance and counseling teachers barriers in Junior High School (SMP) Negeri 1 Bandar Baru Pidie Jaya district. This research method is descriptive with qualitative approach. Collecting data using techniques: observation, interviews, and studies dokumensi. Subjects were Principal, Vice Principal, teacher guidance and counseling, as well as students. Data were analyzed by the technique: reduction, display, and verification. The results showed that: 1) Program guidance and counseling teacher made in the form of: annual program, the semester program, the program monthly, daily, and RPL has been arranged and documented; 2) Implementation of the guidance is implemented in accordance with a program that has priority. Preparation is done at the beginning of the year and involves counseling teacher, vice principal of student field, and coaches the student council. Implementation of the program in accordance with the problems faced by students; 3) Evaluation conducted adapted to cases resolved, including disciplinary offenses like coming late to school, do not use attributes schools, and brought HP to school. Evaluations are kualitatifa; and 4) Obstacles encountered, guidance and counseling teachers' lack of cooperation with the homeroom teacher, student council adviser in solving the problems of students.




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