Kepemimpinan Bupati Dalam Meningkatkan Pembangunan (Studi Tentang Kepemimpinan Bupati Di Kabupaten Bangkalan 2003-2013)

Mutiara Aliefty Octavina


: Regent Leadership in Increase Development. This research was conducted to performan exposure related to leadership styles about his ability to lead, on the other hand there are people who have excess capacity to lead. This when the emergence of the need forleaders and leadership. The problem of this research is how Regional Head Bangkalan leadership in promoting development and the factors that influence whether Regional Head Bangkalan leadership in promoting development. This research used qualitative approach, where qualitative research is are search procedure that produces descriptive. This research results conclusions that in the decision-making process, Regent done it in a transparent manner tomeet the aspirations of all forms submitted by the community. Indetermining of Regents policy is always open to criticism, and also gives awards to those who havea good performance. Based on the results of the study also showed in the conclusion that the Regents adopts a democratic leadership. It can be seen from the decision-making procedure,determination of activity, assignment, awards and critism that involves the community and subordinates.




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