Innovative Government Pada Pdam Dalam Meningkatkan Kualitas Pelayanan (Studi Implementasi Pada PDAM Kabupaten Mojokerto)

Maha Putra, Ovri Rizkya


: Excellent service by implementing many innovations, one of which is by using information technology is one of the requirements of good governance and clean governance and the creation of transparency and accountability. Embodiment coveted service is the ease in handling interests with fast service within the meaning without the barriers created by bureaucrats, get a reasonable service, receive the same treatment and receive treatment which is fair and forthright. One of the most important indicators of the success of local government service delivery is to implement policies excellent service to the community is to provide the maximum range of innovative services to the community, one of which is the use of information technology. World of information technology is always evolving in real time among the major banks and companies an alternative to develop service improvement synergized to provide ease of access, simplicity, clarity, certainty of time, the accuracy of the data to the public.




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