Pembelajaran Berbantuan Peta Terhadap Prestasi, Motivasi, Pelajaran IPS Kelas VIII SMP Albanna Denpasar

A. Asari • Nengah Bawa Atmadja • I. Nyoman Natajaya


This research aims at the influence of the use of instructional media "Maps and motivation toward learning outcomes IPS class VII and class VIII SMP Albanna Denpasar. The problems posed are: 1) To determine if there were differences in student learning outcomes using the media "Map and without the use of instructional media" Map "2) To determine the differences in learning outcomes of students who have high motivation and low motivation on subjects IPS. 3) To determine the interaction between media users "Maps" and learning motivation on learning outcomes of students in social studies. This study uses the data and the types of instruments tend penggumpulan used was a questionnaire (questionnaire) and the pre test and post test students' learning outcomes.




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