Pengaruh Penempatan Pegawai Terhadap Kinerja (Studi Pada Pegawai Sekretariat Daerah Kabupaten Gresik)

Asri Nur Fadilah


: Effect of Employee Placement on Performance (Studies in Employee of District Secretariat of Gresik Regency officials). Employee has a major role in any organization's activities, as employees become planners, perpetrators, and determining the realization of organizational goals system. Organizational goals will be more easily achieved if the employee is placed at a position corresponding to its competence. But the competence and ability alone is not enough to improve the performance of the employee, is also required accuracy in placing the employee in accordance with its competence and capabilities. This research uses explanatory research with quantitative approach.The independent variables used in this study is the suitability of knowledge (X1) with indicators of knowledge of formal and non-formal, fitness ability (X2) with indicators of physical and intellectual abilities, and suitability of expertise (X3) with indicators of technical expertise, social relationships and conceptual. The dependent variable in this study is the performance indicator of the quantity, quality, and time. This study has also found that of the three independent variables, the most influential variable is the compliance capabilities significantly, whereas the smallest effect is given by the compliance expertise.




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