Implementasi Knowledge Management Pada Perguruan Tinggi

Omar Dani Sopandi • Udin Syaefuddin Sa'ud
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Pendidikan UPI • October 2016


The focus of this study is to analyze the implementation of knowledge management at the college which consists of technical policy implementation of knowledge management, knowledge management implementation process and knowledge sharing in the implementation of knowledge management in a college. The purposes of this study are: the supporting technical policy knowledge management (KM) in the college; implementing knowledge management (KM); sharing knowledge in knowledge management (KM), and formulating a hypothetical model of implementation of knowledge management. Position and importance of the implementation of knowledge management in higher education institutions due to run viability and competitiveness of this organization are largely determined by human capital as an intangible asset that inherits in human resources. The method used is descriptive analytic through case studies. Data are collected through in-depth interviews, observation, and documentation reading. The data analysis was conducted through data reduction, data display, conclusions and verification. The results showed that: technical policy supports for knowledge management at the ITB depicted in the vision, mission and objectives of ITB; implementation of knowledge management at ITB viewed from the aspect of people is done through the development of human resource competencies, knowledge management processes are aligned with the increasing focus on “tridharma perguruan tinggi” focus: education and teaching, research, service to the community with the use of information technology to support knowledge management available in a digital library. Knowledge sharing in ITB is done most of them through offline individual tacit knowledge shared through experience in everyday social interaction. To create new tacit knowledge can be done in several ways, among others are through meetings, workshops, seminars, and etc.




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