Parameter Interaksi Biner Kesetimbangan Uap-cair Campuran Alkohol Untuk Optimasi Proses Pemurnian Bioetanol

Asalil Mustain • Anang Takwanto • Dhoni Hartanto
Journal article Jurnal Bahan Alam Terbarukan • December 2016


In this work, the binary interaction parameters of vapor-liquid equilibrium for the mixtures of primary alcohols (methanol, ethanol, 1-propanol or 1-butanol) with C5 alcohols were obtained. A total of 15 systems that consisted of isobaric vapor-liquid equilibrium data at atmospheric pressure were selected. The binary interaction parameters were determined as temperature function by correlating the selected vapor-liquid equilibrium data using the Wilson, Non-Random Two-Liquid (NRTL) and Universal Quasi-Chemical (UNIQUAC) activity coeffi­cient models. The binary interaction parameters were described as the temperature-dependent to increase the capability of the parameters for the application in wide range of temperature. The correlation showed good results because the root mean square devia­tion (RMSD) between the calculation values and experimental data were relatively low. The obtained parameters were very useful for optimizing the distillation column in the bio-ethanol purification process.




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