Orientasi Self Presentational Dan Kemauan Untuk Berprestasi Dengan Motivasi Self Presentationalsebagai Variabel Moderating

Novrys Suhardianto


The purpose of this research was to show that the performance of a task while anticipating a performance evaluation can stimulate either a positive or negative sentiment and that the direction of the sentiment depends upon the protective or acquisitive self-presentational orientation of the evaluatee. This research used laboratory experimental design to test the hypothesis. Fifty three accounting students addressed a comprehensive accounting problem after being told that the results of their performance would be reviewed by accounting department committee. Self-presentational orientations within the subjects were induced by altering the performance standard level against which the evaluators would judge each subject's work. The results supported the hypothesis that, given a desire to impress the evaluators, individuals who perform a task for acquisitive purposes will be more willing to continue to participate in the task than their protective counterparts. However, there is one of hypothesis that could not be confirmed by this research that is the self presentational motivation doesn’t moderate the relationship of self presentational orientation and willingness to perform.




Universitas Tarumanagara Journal of Accounting

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