Peran Dinas Koperasi Perindustrian Dan Perdagangan Kota Pasuruan Dalam Menumbuhkan Modal Sosial (Studi Pada Fasilitasi Kegiatan Kemitraan Bagi Usaha Mikro, Kecil Dan Menengah)

Dian Yuliansyah


: The Role of the Department of Industry and Trade Cooperation of Pasuruan In Cultivating Social Capital (Study On Partnership Facilitation for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises). Partnership is a relationship between SMEs (and cooperation that put each other on the same level or equivalent and need each other to the principle of mutual benefit. Social capital in this case is seen to have the same concept with the partnership. Thus it will be explained further how Diskoperindag's role in fostering social capital for SMEs partnership facilitation activities in Pasuruan. In this study the role of Diskoperindag explored by the shapes of relationship and social capital indicators were adapted from literature related to social capital. This study is organized into two research focus. First, the role of Diskoperindag described into four social capital indicators, namely: trust, rules, participation and reciprocity networks. Secondly, to describe the conditions in more detail in the context of social capital for SMEs partnership Pasuruan used indicators that focus on relational properties, which relates to the frequency of relationship, the intensity of the relationship and spatial proximity.




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