Standar Resep Lapek Koci di Desa Tanjung Sabar Kecamatan Pariaman Utara Kota Pariaman

Ikhvar Hani • Baidar Baidar • Wiwik Gusnita
Journal article Journal of Home Economics and Tourism • May 2016


This study aims to find a standard recipe lapek koci, and quality lapek koci. Type of research is a mixture (Mixed Method). This research was conducted in the village of Tanjung Sabar from the date of December 10, 2015 until April 1, 2016. The data source is twofold: a source of qualitative data obtained from community experts and traders are experts at making lapek koci at Tanjung Sabar, a source of quantitative data obtained from 10 panelists from the public and limited to 5 panelists from lecturers Catering FPP-UNP. Based on the results of quantitative research organoleptic lapek koci standard recipe that has been converted with 4 repetitions found the quality of lapek koci include: a pyramid shape (t = 4,5.pxl = 4) 3.8%, 3.8% immaculate shape, color leather (dark brown) 4%, the fill color (dark brown) 4%, leather aroma (scented brown sugar) 3.8%, the content of aroma (scented green beans) 4%, skin texture (chewy) 4%, the texture of the content ( fine) 4%, skin taste (sweet) 3%, and the flavor of the contents (sweet) 3%.




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