Kesalahan Artikulasi Phonemes Bahasa Inggris Mahasiswa Prodi Bahasa Inggris Unmas Denpasar; Sebuah Kajian Fonologi Generatif

I. Ketut Wardana
Journal article Jurnal Bakti Saraswati • 2014


The comprehension of English speech must be entirely based on the ability of producing appropriate articulation. This study is simply conducted to find out errors in English phoneme and supra segmental elements which are produced by students of English Study program at Mahasaraswati Denpasar university in academic year 2013/2014. The study made use a descriptive qualitative approach. The population of the study was the third, fifth and seventh semester students in which 35 of them was taken as sample of the study. The data was collected by using test, questioner and open interview. The collected data was analyzed by interactive analysis. Based on the result of data analysis, it shows that the whole errors in articulation of English Phonemes was 532 in total. It consisted of 132 or 23% for errors in fricative, 387 or 72,7 % for errors in allophones, 4 or 0,75% for errors in vowel production and 11 or 2,1% for intonation and 7 or 1,3% for stress syllable. Types of errors found were Omission (35,3 %), Addition (6,01 %), Misinformation (51,5 %) and Disordering (7,14 %). The causes of errors wereoovergeneralizations (18 %), Incomplete Applications of Rules (31,01 %), False Concepts Hypothesized (25 %) and Ignore of Rule Restriction (25,37 %). It can be concluded that the students of English Study program still have problems in appropriate English articulation. Considering to thesignificance of acuracy in expressing spoken message, the lectures must pay deep attention to this matters and fix them by encouraging, engaging and envolving them any time practice.Â




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