Implementasi Kebijakan Program Peningkatan Keberdayaan Masyarakat (Ppkm) Berbasis Rumah Tangga Miskin (Rtm) Di Kabupaten Malang (Studi Pada Desa Pandansari Kecamatan Poncokusumo Kabupaten Malang)

Evi Silvia Melina


: Malang regency with total population 2,8 million peoples, as many 155.745 poor families are classified as poor household who need to be empowered. It could be work program East Java Province Government about poor household alleviation. The purpose of this study to explain and describe Community Empowering Improvement Program of policy bases on poor household East Java Province Government that the implementation in Malang Regency, and beside it to know support and inhibiting factors from that policy especially in Pandansari Village Poncokusumo Sub-District. Methode Research used is descriptive research with a qualitative approach. The technique used in data analysis model Spradley. The result of this research is summarize that Program Peningkatan Keberdayaan Masyarakat (Community Empowering Improvement Program) of policy implementation bases on poor household althought activity in the program consists of Usaha Ekonomi Produktif-Simpan Pinjam (Productive Economic Business-Saving and loan), Sarpras (infrastructure) activity, and Peningkatan SDM (Increase Human Relation). But, in implementation the program was less optimally because less understanding society to program and complicated system for Unit Pengelola Keuangan Usaha (UPKu) Organizer.




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