Manajemen Pondok Pesantren Asy-syamsiyah Denpasar Bali (Kompetensi Guru Dan Bimbingan Potensi Santri)

H. Muhsin • Nengah Bawa Atmadja • Nyoman Dantes
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Pendidikan UNDIKSHA • 2013 Indonesia


This study aims to: (1) to determine the competency of teachers Pondok Pesantren Asy-Syamsiyah Denpasar Bali, (2) to determine the role of teacher-Syamsiyah Ash Boarding Schools in the guidance of potential students, (3) strategies used Asy-Syamsiyah Boarding School in overcome the problems occurred. This study used a qualitative approach. Data were collected through observations, interviews and documents. This study found that pedagogical and professional competence of teachers held Islamic Boarding Asy-Syamsiyah still very low. Many teachers are still not graduate. In developing the potential of students and teachers use discussion methods provide extra learning. Boarding strategies undertaken to overcome these problems by providing an opportunity for all teachers to continue higher education, boarding school with a policy to adjust national policies. Boarding School directs students to follow the race either city level, provincial and national. Build an adequate infrastructure for the benefit of the learning process, especially classrooms, libraries and laboratories.




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