Potensi Vegetasi Dan Arthropoda Di Kawasan Mangrove Gili Sulat Lombok Timur

I Gede Mertha Dan Liwa Ilhamdi, Agil Al Idrus, Gito Hadiprayitno
Journal article Jurnal Biologi Tropis • July 2015


This research was conducted in Gili Sulat on a geographical position 8016 '46' - 8020 '44 "latitude and 116041'06" - 116044'35 "BT for the purpose of analyzing the potential and peculiarities of vegetation and mangrove arthropod communities in East Lombok Gili Sulat. Methods of the research potential of the peculiarities of the vegetation and fauna that exist in the region Gili Sulat Mangrove conducted using direct observation. Data retrieval vegetation transect method performed on the square of the 15 plots, while the fauna data retrieval held six times menggunaka Pitfalltrap premises on the area of 300 m2. Analysis of vegetation by counting INP distinctiveness and diversity index. While arthropod to calculate the potential and diversity index. The results showed that there were 7 of 11 mangrove species are typically found in the station II Gili Sulat, while Arthropods found amounted to 18 species. Eight species with the frequency of attendance of 100%, ie Ptenothrix fisecllat, Entomobrya cingula, Folsomia octoculata, Hypogastrura armata, Acheta sp., Anineus sp., Palaemonetes sp., Uca sp. The conclusion of this study is vegetesai mangrove and arthropod has the potential ecological, economic, and aesthetic value.




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