Dualisme Kebijakan Pelayaran Dan Perikanan (Studi Tentang Implementasi Kepmen Perhubungan No KM 46 Tahun 1996 Tentang Sertifikasi Kelaiklautan Kapal Penangkap Ikan Dan Permen Kelautan Dan Perikanan No 07 Tahun 2010 Tentang Surat Laik Operasi Kapal Perikan

Nur Karim


: Dualism of Shipping and Fisheries Policy (Study on Implementation of the Decree of Transport Ministers No. KM 46 of 1996 on the Worthiness Certification of Fishing Vessels and Minister of Marine and Fisheries Regulations No. 07 of 2010 on Fishing Vessels Operating Worthy Letters in Coast Fishery Port Mayangan, Probolinggo City). Worthiness of fishing vessels is a matter that needs to be considered because it involves the safety and security of shipping, include safety and security of the ship, fisherman, and maritime environments. Ship was granted permission to sail the ship that has qualified administrative and technical feasibility of the ship issued by the harbormaster after fulfilling worthy Letter of Operations. In facts, There are two institutions that have the same duties and authority of the operational inspection fishing boats in Coast Fishery Port Mayangan Probolinggo, the Department of Transportation and Department Maritime Affairs and Fisheries. Both of the institute has the right because they have legitimate legal basis as governed in Act No. 17 of 2008 on the shipping by Department of Transportation, and Act No. 45 of 2009 on Fisheries by the Department of Marine and Fisheries. The existence of the same authority both of institutions have an impact on actors in the fisheries, include many of permit makes the costs incurred by business actors increased, and many of permits also affect to performance of the fishermen fishing.




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