The Efficacy of Think-pair-share with Peer Assessment in Improving Writing Skill and Developing Character of the Teacher Candidates

I. Komang Budiarta
Journal article Jurnal Bakti Saraswati • 2015


Teaching learning process does not only focus about improving the students’ hard skill but also developing their soft skill. The phenomena showed that a lot of students had low mastery in writing. In addition, most of them still had bad behavior in their surrounding especially during classroom interaction. This research aimed at answering the following questions: how effective is think-pair-share with peer assessment in improving the writing skill of the subjects under study? and how effectiveis think-pair-share with peer assessment in developing the characters of the subjects under study?. In the present study, 36 students of the second semester of the English Department, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Mahasaraswati Denpasar University were selected as the subjects of the study. The present study made use of Classroom Action Research design. The progressing results of tests, pre-test and post-tests showed that the mean score of the subjects significantly increased. It clearly clarified that the implementation of think-pair-share with peer assessment was effective to improve the subjects’ writing skill. In addition, the five-observed characters which were developed in the present study also positively changed. The five-observed characters, moreover, began to consistently appear during their interaction in the teaching learning process.Â




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