Penegakan Hukum Perbaikan Kinerja Dalam Pengelolaan Keuangan Negara Di Daerah

Charles Bohlen Purba
Journal article Universitas Tarumanagara Journal of Accounting • 2012 Indonesia


Citizens welfare havent exist  in Indonesia yet it’s marked byhigh rates of poverty (range12-17,8 %).  It is alleged by the State financial management that has not been good especially in remote areas and  the quality low of HUMAN RESOURCES. The analysis used in this research consists of a descriptive analysis, regression analysis, and analysis of hierarchy (AHP). APBN Budget allocation for regional spending hover around 30 % s.d. 33 % annually, and in 2011 reached Rp. 412.507,9 billion ( 31 % of total state spending ). The WTP opinion of the State authority in the management is just about 3,22% (still many irregularities). The relation of the number of prosecution ( Jt ) with the amount of money the state of being were saved ( NUT ) was formulated by nut = 193230529,166jt + 89740959,026 to prosecution prosecutor ' s office and  NUT= 70776704212,589jt + 8599940548142,513 to the improvement of kpk, where to now, only prosecution prosecutors felt its impact ( sig = 0.00 ). Compulsory or obligatory bureaucratic reform runs clearly obvious target (RK = 0,245, inconsistency 0.03) becomes the first priority strategies for the improvement of the performance of countries in the area of financial management. 




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