Kemitraan BUMN Dengan UMKM Sebagai Bentuk Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) (Studi Kemitraan PT. TELKOM Kandatel Malang Dengan UMKM Olahan Apel Di Kota Batu)

Tutut Adi Kusumadewi


: State Owned Enterprise Partnership with MSME as a Form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) (A Research of PT. Telkom Kandatel Malang partnership with Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise of Processed Apple product in Batu City).MSME still deal with a lot of problems. To overcome, partnership is the strategy through the implementation of Partnership Program which is an obligatory for every State Owned Enterprise in Indonesia as a form of CSR. This research intends to describe and analyze the partnership which occurs between PT. TELKOM Kandatel Malang with MSME processed apple in Batu City as a form of CSR. Therefore, this research is using qualitative method with descriptive research. This research has two main focuses. (1)Regarding the implementation of the partnership business carry out as a form of CSR PT. TELKOM with MSME processed apple in Batu City (2)about the advantages and disadvantages factor when carry out a partnership business. The result of this research shows that CSR PT. TELKOM Kandatel Malang thriugh the implementation category, included into the green group with Mutualism Partnership and using plasma core partnership. For suggestion, PT. TELKOM Malang should give a chance to new MSME enterprise who wants to be trained partner. This can lead to more leveling capital lending to other MSME that cannot stand independently.




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