Efektivitas Penerapan Sistem (Payment Point Online Bank) Pada PT Area Madiun(Studi Pada PT PLN Area Madiun)

Noerma Yanti


: PT PLN which had implemented a new breakthrough, that is was Payment Point Online Bank (PPOB). Implementation efforts to achieve better public services needed care system change strategies. One effort that must be done is to improve the systems and procedures of the service through innovative programs oriented on customer needs and satisfaction. Improvement systems and procedures is expected to be a means to improve the performance of public services which so far is still considered the maximum. PT PLN as one of the public sector organizations have to innovate a system implementation PPOB as a quality service provider. The journal is intended to describe or explore the effectiveness of the system PPOB. In this study resulted in a finding that the application of the system in accordance with the strategy PPOB effectiveness measurement service. This is proven by the benchmarks have been met. In spite of it all there are still shortcomings in the application sistems. In order to improve the effectiveness of systems researchers suggest several things including an increase in the role of customer, training of service providers, improvements to the cellular network system.




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