Determinan Hipertensi Di Puskesmas Dan RSUD Kabupaten Natuna

Lelly Andayasari • Cicih Opitasari
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Biotechnology Medicine • 2015 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


The result of (Basic Health Research) in 2007 showed that the highest prevalence. To describe the hypertension patients in Public Health Centre and in District Hospital in Natuna.The study used cross sectional design. The samples were collected from all hypertension patients medical records in three Public Health Centre (Pulau Tiga, Sedanau and Ranai) and one hospital (RSUD Natuna) during the periode of January 1 to December 31, 2012. Univariate analysiwas used to describe the patient's characteristics.The 423 samples were collected from three Public Health Centre and district hospital. The proportion of hypertension in Public Health Centre and distric hospital was 73.5% and 26.5% respectively. The highest proportion of hypertension was found in female, married, low education, and unemployed subjects, both of Public Health Centre and district hospital. The youngest age was 28 years old, while the oldest was 92 years old with the average was 57 years old. The proportion of stage 2 hypertension were 62.1% in Public Health Centre and 81.2% in district hospital. The higest proportion of comorbid diseases that become end point of hypertension in the district hospital was stroke (41,1%), cardiac enlargement/ left ventricular hypertrophy/ LVH (19.6%), coronary heart disease/ CHD (9.8%). The highest proportion of risk factors that was found along with hypertension were hypercholesterolemia (20.5%) and diabetes (10.7%). Most of hypertension patients were in stage 2 category. Hypercholesterolemia and diabetes were more common risk factors to be found along with hypertension, furthermore stroke, cardiac enlargement/ LVH (19.6%) and CHD were the most common cardiovascular disease. Prevention of hypertension, screening and hypertension management to reduce hypertension complication need to be increased




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