Model Pengamanan End-to-End Pada M-Banking Berbasis Algoritma Kurva Hyper Elliptic

Putra Wanda
Journal article Jurnal Buana Informatika • October 2016

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


. Currently, banking transactions using mobile banking has grown rapidly. The increasing the number of mobile application users becomes one of the main factors. Several approaches have been developed to improve the transaction security. Problems of message security still requires a solution to achieve computing speed and leverage security level. In this paper, we propose a security algorithms used to improve the mobile banking security with hyperelliptic curve algorithm. It will create a safe and an efficient transactions while message will be sent via public internet. Hyperelliptic curve algorithm will run a processes for authentication and encryption. it will produce fast computation and has good security level. This research produced little computing time on m-banking application while it run on Android. Hyperelliptic curve algorithm use a smaller key to achieve a good security level at m-banking application.




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