Status Kesehatan Ibu Hamil Di Kota Bekasi

Felly P. Senewe • Ch Kristanti • Dina Bisara
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Health Ecology • April 2005 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Women reproductive health is too important to put into consideration because of its health problem related to high risk age group that has great contribution in conducting. The woman health status. Maternal mortality rate in Indonesia is still high. Therefore it is essential to evaluate the achievement of women reproductive health status. The aim of the survey is to evaluate pregnant women health status, concerning antenatal care, delivery assistance, place of delivery, complication, TT immunization, and socioeconomic factor. That can give input for decision making and as baseline data. The survey conducted in the city of Bekasi on September 2002, using cross section design method. Samples consist of all women who have ever been pregnant and giving birth over the past 12 month, with samples amount of 210 women. The survey found that 20% of women during pregnancy were accompanied by nausea or over vomiting. Anemia, head-ache and fatigue were reported for 22%. The coverage of ANC by heath providers was 83% for the first visit and 77% for the fourth visit. TT2 immunization coverage was found 80% and Fe tablet 90%. Most of the respondent visited midwife and medical doctor at clinic during pregnancy. Premature rupture of membranes were reported for 8%, prolonged labor for 6%, and excessive bleeding for 4% during delivery. Eighty-two percent of birth were assisted by medical doctor and midwife. A majority of birth (76%) were delivered at midwife's clinic, and only 15% at home. Suggestions, women health care program especially during pregnancy and delivery must have special attention from health care provider; also need good coordination to enhance the coverage.




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