Pengetahuan Dan Persepsi Ibu Balita Mengenai Penyakit Shigella Serta Vaksinasi Pencegahannya (Kajian Kualitatif)

Rachmalina S. P. • Helper Sahat Manalu
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Health Ecology • April 2005 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Shigellosis is a part of diarrhoeal diseases and its still prevalent in several areas of Indonesia including Jakarta. A qualitative study was carried out to determine the knowledge and perceptions of Toddler's mother about shigellosis and its prevention since the majority of sufferer was toddler's who were unable to speak about their disease. According to the toddler's mothers, shigellosis was known as "muntah berak" since its symptoms were frequent defecation (more than 4 times) with liquid faeces along with blood. The causes of the disease include unprotected food and water that were contaminated by flies, intolerance to certain type of molk or certain food. In relation to their behavior, the cause of disease was eating with dirty hand. Some traditional healings were believed to cure the disease instead of going to Health Center. Most of respondents knew about the function of vaccination was to prevent the disease, however, the term "immunization" was more popular than '"vaccination"




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