Kualitas Limbah Cair Hotel-hotel Di Propinsi Di YOGYAKARTA

Hendro Martono • Nanang Besmanto • Bambang Sukana
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Health Ecology • April 2005 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


In the period 2002-2003, a study was carried out to assess the quality levels of wastewater discharged from 13 hotels in Yogyakarta. A total of 187 samples was taken from the outlet of wastewater treatment plants and they were analyzed according to the APHA standard method for the examination of wastewater. The results of wastewater examination were compared to the provincial standards of effluent of wastewater in terms of pH, BOD, COD, TDS, detergent, and grease. The study revealed that all wastewater samples complied with the pH, detergent, and grease standards. However, the percentages of wastewater samples that complied with the BOD standard were 81 .74 % (2002), and 76.39 % (2003). The other parameters that complied with respective standards were COD 57.39% (2002), and 45.83% (2003), TDS 92.17% (2002), and 91.66% (2003). Moreover, the hotel wastewater quality in 2003 was slightly worse than that of in 2002, especially in the parameters of BOD, COD, and TDS. It was suggested that the performance of the studied wastewater treatment plants should be corrected to optimize their capabilities to treat wastewater as to meet the required standards.




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