Inkriminasi Nyamuk Anopheles Subpictus Sebagai Vektor Malaria Dengan Elisa Di Daerah Sekotong Lombok Barat

Dasuki Dasuki • Supratman Sukowati
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Health Ecology • December 2005

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Malaria is a health-related problem faced by community at West Lombok Regency. One of methods applied in eliminating malaria is vector control. Determination of its method of control requires an understanding on the species of mosquito which serves as the vector and its behavior. ELISA test is a method intended for identifying circum sporozoit Plasmodium at the mosquito body. This research is aimed at incrimination Anopheles subpictus mosquito at West Lombok Regency as malaria vector based onELISA test. Specimen collection is performed by capturing some mosquitoes, that is by adopting landing collection" and "resting collection" inside and outside the house. Female anopheles subpictus mosquito is tested through ELISA test and by applying Writz method 1987. ELISA Test is directed to circum sporozoit, P. falciparum and P. vivax. Result of ELISA Test indicates that Anopheles subpictus mosquito at Sekotong (Sayong and Lendangre) are positive on P. falciparum, however, it is negative on P. vivax. of 176 pool samples tested, in which each pool consists of 5 individual, it is obtained the results of 1 positive pools, consisting of 3 pool samples landing collection inside the house, 1 pool sample resting collection inside thehouse and 2 pool samples around cattle. Samples from Lendrangre are 85 pools, it is obtained results of 5 positive pools, consisting of 1 pool sample landing collection outside the house and 4 pool samples aroundcattle. The positive ELISA Specimens are tested and subsequently analyzed by SOFT Program Max PRO3.1.1. ELISA Results of retesting on 11 positive pool samples indicates 9 pool samples, the results are obtained 2,561 sporozoit, while 2 other pool samples are outlier.




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