Kebudayaan Ide Dalam Puisi-puisi William Butler Yeats

Pricilia Heni Bolung
Journal article Jurnal Fakultas Sastra Universitas Sam Ratulangi • 2013 Ireland

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


This skripsi which is entitled “Kebudayaan Ide dalam Puisi-puisi William Butler Yeats”, aims at finding out the ideas related to culture of Irish people in some of William Butler Yeats' poems. In terms of methodology, the writer deals with the intrinsic kind of theory namely aspects of literature belonging to Lawrence Perrine and Koentjaraningrat's theory on ideas culturally. In collecting data, the focus relies on seven poems namely “The Choice”, “The Heart of the Woman”, “The Fisherman”, “Death”, “My House”, “Oil and Blood”, “The Song of the Old Mother”, which covering the cultural ideas. In analyzing the chosen poems containing ideas, descriptive method under the umbrella of extrinsic and intrinsic approaches are applied. The research findings show that there are seven cultural ideas found in piece of writing namely the ideas of choice of life, the social life of Sligo's and London's society, the life of people in Ireland, patriotism and nationalism, the Irish culture's survival, two sides of the Irish life and the Dublin's spirit.




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