Resiko Terjadinya Kegemukan Pada Anak Usia 3-5 Tahun Dengan Status Gizi Pendek Di Indonesia

Nur Handayani Utami • Dwi Sisca
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Health Ecology • 2015 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


Based on Basic Health Research 2007-2013, stunting and overweight in children have a tendency to increase. Some previous analysis found that there was a relationship between stunting and overweight. This analysis aimed to analyze the relationship between stunting and overweight in children aged 3-5 years in Indonesia. Data were taken from the national survey conducted in 2013. A total of 25.107 children aged 3-5 years from all provinces in Indonesia were become sample in this analysis. The relationship between stunting and the occurrence of overweight in children was analyzed using logistic regression. Analysis showed that the stunted status had become a risk of overweight in children with OR of 2,54 (CI 2,24 to 2,89) after correction by socioeconomic factors, sex of the child, father's education, and nutritional status of the father. The risk of stunted child of becoming overweight make the importance of dietary habit and proper diet for children who are stunted, so they will not become obese in later life.




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