Kepala Keluarga Dalam Hukum Keluarga Di Indonesia: Tinjauan Perspektif Gender Dalam Hukum Agama, Adat, Dan Hukum Nasional

Wahyuni Retnowulandari
Journal article Jurnal Hukum Prioris • 2016 Indonesia • Philippines • Thailand

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


Talking about the "Head of the Family" as the backbone of the family, in the top of mine definitely a man/ husband. But in fact not all, that because it does little woman/ wife who became the backbone of the family, both as a result of the customary, or because the husband's condition that does not work either because of illness, and others. The study was conducted aimed at identifying normative pluralism concept of family head, in Indonesia, compared with the state of the Philippines, Thailand and Korea, to obtain a concept that takes into account CEDAW and propriety for women. The results of this study should in defining the rights and obligations of husband and wife does not need to say who the head of the household enough that "husband and wife should each bear in the rights and responsibilities of fund family life, except for provisions in addition to financing the family, as determined by religion each"




Jurnal Hukum Prioris

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