Pengaruh Kedalaman Pengolahan Tanah dan Penggunaan Kompos Sampah Kota terhadap Pertumbuhan dan Hasil Kubis

Holil Sutapradja
Journal article Jurnal Hortikultura • March 2008

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


. Sutapradja, H. 2008. The Effect of the Depth of Soil Cultivation and the Use of Urban Waste Compos t on the Growth and Yiel d of Cabb age. The aim of the study was to find out the proper depth of soil cultivation and the use of urban waste compost on cabbage. The experiment was conducted at Indonesian Vegetable Research Institute of Lembang, at 1,250 m asl from September to December 2005. A split plot design was used with 9 combination treatments and 3 replications. The main plot was the depth of soil cultivation, i.e. none, 20, and 30 cm. The subplot was dosage of compost, i.e. 5, 10, and 15 t/ha. Plot size was 2 x 3 m = 6 m2 with planting distance of 60 x 50 cm. Results of the experiment showed that the depth of soil cultivation of 30 cm with dosage of urban waste compost of 15 t/ha gave better yield of both quantity and quality of cabbage




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