Akuntabilitas Pemerintah Desa Pada Pengelolaan Alokasi Dana Desa (Studi Pada Kantor Desa Ketindan, Kecamatan Lawang, Kabupaten Malang)

Rahmi Fajri

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Abstact: Accountability Village Government of Management Village Fund Abstact: Accountability Village Government of Management Alokasi Dana Desa (ADD) (Study on Desa Ketindan, Kecamatan Lawang, Kabupaten Malang). Government in the financial management needs to apply the principles of good governance: accountability one of which is the management of the Village Fund Allocation (ADD).Village fund allocation is a form of government assistance to the village to improve the welfare of rural communities. Village fund allocation, so it needed government officials who have the ability and responsibility to manage the funds. In the management of ADD in the Ketindan village on Regulation No. 13/2012. Ketindan village government has proven its commitment or responsibility in a manner abide by and follow the stages as well as the applicable provisions in accordance with the Regulations issued by the Regent. But in practice they found that the greater the number of problems which slightly exceeds the percentage set out and than that found at the time of the planning program is not listed in the RPD but in listed financial realization. From these matters, it is expected the government to pay more attention to the Ketindan village related classification of the program so that these problems do not happen again.




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