Afiksasi Dalam Album Up All Night Dari One Direction

Melly Cristine Musa

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


The study entitled “Affixation in the Album Up All Night by One Direction”. This study emphasizes the inflectional affixes and the derivational affixes in the lyrics of that album Up All Night. The method of this investigation is descriptive in the data are collected, analyzed using the method suggested by Nida and O'Grady and Dobrovolsky. Theoretically, this study is intended to contribution to the linguistics on morphology. Practically, this study helps the students or readers to know more the kinds of affixation on the album Up All Night so that they can understand. The result of this research shows that the inflectional affixes are plural {-s} and possessive {-‘s}, inflected to verbs: third person singular nouns-pas {-es}, present progressive {-ing}, past tense {-ed} and past participle {-en/ed} and inflected to adjectives: comparative {-er} and superlative {-est}. The derivational affixes are which consist of prefixes and suffixes. The prefixes are {in-}, {re-}, {im-}, and {super-}. While the suffixes are {-ly}, {-ful}, {-ing}, {-ed}, {-less}, {-ish}, {-ize}, {-ment} and each of them has their own function and meaning.




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